Name Puzzle

The first word a child learns is usually their name. What better way to help them learn it than by having a personalised name puzzle to play with. Our Wooden Name Puzzle is completely unique and gorgeous. They can help your child learn letters, shapes and colours. Furthermore, they assist your child in developing fine motor skills, dexterity, and hand eye coordination.

Our Name Puzzle is personalised with chunky letters which can be easily held by little fingers. They sit above the board so they can be easily picked up, moved around, flipped and simply experimented with! Customise your puzzle with your child’s name, an iconic symbol piece, fonts and special colours that’ll match your style. Your child (and you!) will just love it and have endless hours of educational fun.

Our products are entirely designed and hand crafted by Little Big Workshop. We source all materials locally and love to support our local suppliers and business partners. If you would like a different keepsake for your child/family, take a look at our stunning Wooden Height Chart which can be used to keep track of your child’s growth progress.