How puzzles help child development

Rainbow Wooden Name Puzzle

Puzzles are more than just fun toys for kids, they also help child development. They are an extremely useful (and fun!) tool for children to learn fine motor development, spatial reasoning, colours, shapes, letter recognition and memory. It teaches a child that each piece is part of a ‘whole’ bigger picture and is an essential building block for children entering early school.

Playing with a puzzle requires a child to pick up and place pieces and test which pieces fit into which spaces. These actions help to develop the small muscles in their fingers and hands and helps with dexterity.

This is when children learn to reason about space. With regards to puzzles, they must think about how they can manipulate pieces to fit into provided spaces. They need to flip, rotate and place pieces which all helps to develop spatial reasoning at an early age.

A puzzle can help children learn colours and shapes through interactive play. Picking up pieces and placing them in the correct orders, recognising different colours and shapes through repetition helps a child learn and remember.

Usually, one of the first written words a child learns to recognise is their name. Playing with a puzzle where they must place pieces of their name helps them learn the sequence of letters of their name. A great start to teaching a child their alphabet!

In order to complete a puzzle, a child will rely on their ability to remember which shapes fit in which spaces to complete the whole picture.

Our puzzles at Little Big Workshop are customised with your child’s name and a shape of your choice. The pieces are made with 12mm wood pieces which are a great size for those little fingers, and placed into a 12mm wood board. All pieces are painted in your child’s favourite colours. Take a look at our name puzzles available for purchase or contact us to order your custom puzzle for your child today and see how puzzles help child development!

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