Create Memories with Wooden Height Charts

Wooden Height Ruler
Our gorgeous Height Ruler is a keepsake to pass down to future generations. All measurements, names and decorations are etched (no decals) into stunning Victorian Ash Hardwood Timber.

Fond memories but with regrets

We’d love to help you create memories with Wooden Height Charts. I have fond memories of standing against the door frame and mum marking my height on the timber. I used to stand up straight and tall (and maybe lifting my heels a little bit) so that I could be taller each time I was measured. She would write my name next to the line and the date. Then she would measure my sisters as well.

They give me such warm and happy memories with the family. Watching how much we grew each time. Sometimes it would be a few months apart, but I always insisted on doing it almost daily. The sad thing is that we moved houses in my early teens and our height markings were probably painted over, never to be seen again.

The mission begins

When I had kids of my own, I wanted to make sure we could create those beautiful memories with my own family but if we ever moved houses, I didn’t want our doorways painted over and the physical remnants gone. We began with paper height charts which were blu-tacked onto the walls but they kept falling down and got ratty pretty quick. So when I was on the search for a more permanent, take-with-us-when-we-move solution, I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted.

I knew what I didn’t want; I didn’t want a height chart that had decals on it which could peel off over time, or one that broke into pieces that I had to assemble in separate pieces. And so we decided to create our own. We looked high and low and finally found our ‘wood guy’ who now supplies most of our timber. He had these perfect Victorian Ash Hardwood pieces and we fell in love with the timber and the grain and the features in the wood. We hand select each piece of timber ensuring that each piece is unique and perfect. To make these extra unique, we created designs that wouldn’t age over the years. And so our Wooden Height Charts were born.


At Little Big Workshop, all our products are crafted by us in our Little Big Workshop. We source all materials locally and love to support our local suppliers and business partners. Each piece of timber we choose to use for our wooden height charts is a little different, just as much as each tree has it’s own life and is subject to different temperatures stresses and strains.


We’ve chosen not to use decals as we want your height ruler to last a lifetime. Instead, we etch your family name or child’s name, measurements and your choice of design into the ruler. We don’t charge extra for names, as long as it fits on the board, we can create it on your height ruler.

Designs available are: Name Only, Rainbow, Magnolia Blooms, Jungle and Hot Air Balloon. We offer four finishes for your height charts; Natural, Sutherland Teak, Jarrah & Coco Black. You can choose from a variety of fonts for the text of your ruler also. If there is a particular font you would like us to use, let us know and we can design it with your favourite font.

Height Ruler stains
Choose from three different stains for your height ruler, or choose a natural finish.


Our height rulers start at 20cm and are made to hang off the floor and above the skirting boards. The measurements go up to approximately 180cm. If you have a tall family, we can begin the ruler higher so the measurements can go higher. We have made rulers that start at 40cm and go up to 200cm. The planks are 185mm wide, 19mm thick and 164cm high. Very solid, high quality timber that you will cherish.

Marking your Height Chart

It’s really up to you what you’d like to measure on your ruler. The most popular is measuring your child on their birthdays. But other milestones that could be marked could be first day of school, first soccer team win, first ballet recital…

Hanging your Height Chart

The back of our charts have a hole to allow you to hang the ruler on a screw in the wall. The rulers are approximately 4kg so ensure the screw is in a stud for stability. As kids, mum used to have us stand against the door jamb, place a book on top of our heads which sat flush against the wall, then we’d step away and then she’d use the book as a guide to mark the line. Name and date and voila until the next marking! We suggest using a Sharpie marker to mark your height chart.

Wooden Height Ruler
Our gorgeous Height Ruler is a keepsake to pass down to future generations. All measurements, names and decorations are etched (no decals) into stunning Victorian Ash Hardwood Timber.


I wish my parents had a ruler like this when we were kids, so that I could now use it for my kids. We could compare our heights at the same ages and laugh at how short/tall we are at the same ages. Instead, I’m proud to have created a product that my kids will be able to pass onto future generations and create beautiful memories with their own families.

We are so proud of our Wooden Height Charts and we think they are absolutely stunning (photos just don’t do them justice). So if you’d like to start creating beautiful forever memories with your own family, we hope you will consider our Wooden Height Charts which will be a keepsake to last generations.

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